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I am forty-nine and mother of two girls.  I have spent the past twenty years working for an exhibition company as their operations director.  I decided three years ago to train as a TFT therapist, then an NLP Practioner and finally a hynotherapist.  I have helped people overcome their phobias and have been able to give deep relaxation to stressed out clients which in turn has allowed them to make positive changes in their everyday life.

I believe everyone can benefit from a few moments of peace in trance/under hypnosis: “our lives are often filled with too many things and we get lost in the noise; through deep relaxation we can re-dress the balance and take back control of our thoughts and aspirations”.

10% of what we do is via conscious thought, the other 90% is done sub-consciously our brain creates habits without knowing whether these are good or bad for us; breathing, movement, eating are all things we do sub-consciously which cause us no harm and make our life easier.  Fear of spiders, closed in spaces, flying and the dark are learnt behaviours that the sub-conscious had made into habits which are bad for us.  Through hypnosis and TFT the brain can be re-programmed to eliminate the harmful habits.

Re-programming the brain sounds awfully controlling and not something that most people would want to take part in.  But What If I told you that you could leave my sessions without your fear of flying, without your addiction to food, without your debilitating phobia for the cost of a dinner out?  Would you not want to find out What If…

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